About us

Buying and Selling Horses, Ponies and Equestrian Products
made simple.

Who we are
Equibooth.co.uk is a family run web site. Created by horsey people and experienced experts in web site classified advertising.

Our Web Site Aims & Objectives
Our primary aim is to create the ultimate user driven equestrian sales site in the UK. Our confidence is based on past success and also our dedication in offering the best possible experience and service for our end users.

Our web site developer, Dominic Booth has previously developed and run single handed three of the UK's largest and most successful classified websites, www.horsemart.co.uk, www.caravanselecta.co.uk and www.gunstar.co.uk (Please note: these sites no longer resemble the functionality or looks they had under Dom's control).

Dom has now formed EquiBooth.co.uk which will be run in a professional, but personal way with attention to detail and customer service at its core.

Our web site will be fast to load and will be kept up to date. Our pet hate is web sites that have out of date information, adverts for horses that have already been sold, having to sit twiddling your fingers while they load the pages and upside down pictures. EquiBooth.co.uk aims to ensure these pet hates do not happen.

About our Family
We are a horsey family who have family members who have previously competed at Olympic, European’s International & National levels (Dressage) and European’s & Nationals (Eventing). We also have an International Dressage judge and an Equine Vet, 2 retired BHS examiners and a retired riding school owner within the family. A rounded breadth of knowledge and advice is at our fingertips.

Unlike many other classified sites, we are not supporting an office full of staff thinking only about the bottom line.

We are here to please our users not a manager with targets